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GodOfAnarcy/ I don't know my age..
I'm an agent of chaos...

I'm in love with girls who love the Joker ;))

Why So Serious :)

Directed by Christopher Nolan

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Do you think people are born villains, or do they live long enough to fight for those they care for, those they love, before realizing what they become?

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"Holy water cannot help you now, thousand armies couldn’t keep me out, I don’t want your money, I don’t want your crown, See I’ve come to burn your kingdom down.”

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I’m sorry, but I couldn’t hold this in any longer…Every time I watch The Dark Knight, and hear this monologue, I always picture Julia Stiles as his wife!!! This would be the saddest story if it were true!!! Who Knows?

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"Then why was it me who was the only one who lost everything?"

"It wasn’t…"

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“We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside us.”

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don’t talk like one of them, you’re not! even if you’d like to be. to them, you’re just a freak, like me. they need you right now. but when they don’t, they’ll cast you out, like a leper. see, their morals, their code… it’s a bad joke. dropped at the first sign of trouble. they’re only as good as the world allows them to be.

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